About Us

The Gypsy Studio ® - A platform for storytelling!

Kickass creative ideas come from equally artistic minds.

Be it brand identity, social media savvy graphics, illustrations, compelling GIFs or Squarespace/Wix websites; we have it all. 

The studio is a brainchild of a gypsy soul – Diljeet Kaur, who works independently and curate exceptional designs. Her brain is the sole illuminating source that curates extraordinary and compelling designs. She is a passion-driven multi-disciplinary designer and breathes in the philosophy of building unique experiences for her associates with her design work.

Our prime target is to communicate beyond words and win recognition with meaningful designs. To meet varied demands timely without compromising on the quality, we have a strong collaboration with inspiring artists. We are driven by a rush of ideas and take pride in empowering women by our design studio. The studio stands on a strong footstool crafted by fierce, powerful and independent #girlbosses. We withstand the concept of gender domination and have constructed a pyramid of workforce with tasteful women designers, content curators, and coding ninjas who are creative AF.

Why Choose Us?

In today’s world, pictures articulate a thousand expressions and attract the rarest commodity- human attention. In a competitive business space like today, it is difficult to catch the attention of probable end user. The design is like an anchor that carries the weight of a brand and reinforces the information while making sure that the brand stands out from the crowd. When a business has microseconds to make an impact or transport a message, an extraordinary design help express intricate concepts or seize an emotional response, almost instantly.

Another sparking thing that sets us apart is the prior understanding of the business and in-depth research about the verticle to cultivate nothing but the best. The Gypsy Studio draws inspiration from experiences to curate designs and assists clients in reimagining what their brands can achieve. We paint a quirky image that not only makes one go heartstruck, but one that churns big bucks and we do not lie!